Winter Cover Repair Sheet

Cover Repair Sheet

Preventative Measures, Remedies, and Simple Repair Procedures

WARNING! Winter covers are NOT safety covers. To avoid the risk of drowning, stay off the top of the cover.

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Spend a few minutes reading these possible trouble areas. Avoid the problem before it starts, and prolong the life of your cover.

(1) Small holes worn in cover all around top rail or coping Lack of sufficient ballast to keep cover down against wind or lack of padding NO Minor Place water tubes or sand bags or other type of hold down around perimeter of the cover and pad coping or top rail.
(2) Large holes or rips in cover all around coping or rail Unusually high winds and insufficient ballast as above or lack of padding NO Major Same as (1). If cover is torn during a major storm, check home owner's insurance policy.
(3) Missing grommets, open seams or grommets pulling out

a) Manufacturer's defect when cover is new

b) Excessive strain after cover has been in use

a) YES

b) NO



a) If cover is new, return as per warranty instructions.

b) If not new, write manufacturer for instructions or repair can be made at a local sail or canvas shop. Grommet kits are available in local camping or hardware stores.

(4) Binding pulled off or grommets pulled out Cover stretched too tight. NO Minor Same as (3) above.
(5) Material of cover losing its coating or strength within warranty period Latent defect in manufacture of raw materials. YES, Pro-rated replacement available Major Consult Cover Warranty and follow instructions.

NOTE: Should your cover develop a small rip or tear, it can be effectively and easily patched with a piece of duct tape available at your local pool supply, hardware, or plumbing and heating stores.

The majority of covers returned to us for repair are the result of improper installation due to excessive wear from coping or sharp areas of the top rail. It is imperative that the cover be protected by properly padding these areas of wear.